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Updated: Mon, 16 Sep 2013 19:15:00 GMT | By Cláudia Godinho and Colleen Last
Selena Gomez: "People don't know half of it"

Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriend is finally opening up - on her latest album

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Selena Gomez has been singing and acting since she was 10 but she first came to wider attention in 2011 when she started dating Justin Bieber.

For a while they were a regular fixture on Hollywood red carpets, but they broke up in late 2012 amid rumours he’d cheated. They briefly reconciled but split for good a few months ago. Meanwhile, Justin has made headlines for the wrong reasons - he got into a scuffle with a photographer and turned up several hours late for one of his concerts.

But rather than set the record straight or dish the dirt on her ex, Selena prefers to let her music do the talking. She told MSN that her latest album, Stars Dance, is her most confessional to date and shows fans the real her, which, she admits, she’s been loath to do until now.

“There’s a lot that I haven’t yet shared so I feel like it’s the right step in that direction,” she explained.

But opening up didn’t come easy for the private star. “This album was really defining for me because I wanted to make sure it was a great pop record and then I put some of my personal stuff in it – but not too much cause I like to gradually share.”

So we shouldn’t expect for Selena to ever give us the full story of what happened behind closed doors with her famous ex? “A lot of people don’t know half of it so it’s interesting that I can play with it a little; play against the public perception of me.”

Despite that, Selena is taking a break from music to concentrate on acting, and admitted that movies are where her heart lies. “I don’t like when people make me pick, it’s hard. I enjoy both but if I had to choose one, at the end of the day I’d choose acting.”

Selena plays a computer hacker in the new thriller Getaway, starring Ethan Hawke and Jon Voight. “Getaway’s a really fun action movie. The entire time I’m stressed. I get to play a really cool girl, a bad-ass. I dyed my hair black and got to dress like a boy and learn a lot about cars and technology. I got to be someone really different.”

Working with two Hollywood veterans like Hawke and Voight was a massive learning curve for the young star. “I’ve learnt so much from them – that was an experience in itself. When I’m on a set and I’m working with those kinds of actors, I just want to watch them. I want to watch that they do before a scene, how they prepare.

“Ethan was really great, I was very lucky. He’d talk to me before every scene; he gave me a lot of wisdom.”

Next up she’ll be in Rudderless, starring husband-and-wife team William H Macy and Felicity Huffman. “It was a dramatic set because I was crying and yelling in every scene,” Selena recalled. “But they were so nice and they gave me space when I needed space because I had to be super-emotional… It was an incredible experience.”