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Updated: Mon, 07 Apr 2014 14:15:00 GMT | By Cat Watson and Colleen Last
The Goonies: where are they now?

Catch up with the cast of the eighties classic

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Anyone who was brought up in the eighties will remember The Goonies as one of the most iconic films of that era.

But director Richard Donner revealed this weekend to TMZ that "we’re doing a sequel” to the best loved movie of 1985, and we're excited to see what's on the cards. After the exciting news in 2010 that there may be a sequel, fans started ti get out their Goonies memorabilia only to be told that it wasn't going to happen. Let's hope this time it's for real!

Alongside Dirty Dancing, The Breakfast Club and Ghostbusters, The Goonies had an ensemble cast that went on to do big things. But where are they all now?

Thirty years on, it's time to catch up with the gang who went in search of One-Eyed Willie's long-lost pirate treasure...

Click on the image to see where The Goonies stars are now...