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Enrique Iglesias: I get shy, but it’s part of who I am

Enrique Iglesias talks Sex + Love

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Enrique Iglesias boasts a career which spans almost 20 years and now the Spanish singer has released his tenth studio album called Sex + Love.

We chatted to Enrique about his new record, working with rapper Pitbull and how even he occasionally gets shy.

Your album is called Sex and Love. How did the title come about?

The title came about when I was writing the album. It was very much straightforward and pretty much explained in the album. Sex and love are two things that are very prominent when it comes to music and it’s very inspiring at the end of the day, it’s one thing we can all relate to.

The album is your tenth studio album. How do you think your music has changed and evolved over the years?

I think if you listen to my first album and you listen to my album now you would definitely notice a difference! That’s what makes it exciting and fun, and I wouldn’t say I don’t want to repeat myself but I definitely don’t want to bore myself and you see I’ve done lots of collaborations, because you get to see how other artists work which at the time takes you out of your comfort zone which is cool, and that can take you in a different direction too. You never truly know where you’re going to end up when you start making a song or writing a song.

Enrique's tenth studio album Sex + Love is out now

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