2012 Awards Season
Mon, 27 Feb 2012 14:15:59 GMT | By Jonathan Crocker, contributor, MSN Movies
8 things we learned at The Oscars 2012

8. Emma Stone is taller than Ben Stiller, also funnier

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Ben Stiller is meant to be 5ft 8. Emma Stone is meant to be 5ft 6. Strange, then, that she towered above him as they presented Best Visual Effects together. But Stone wasn't just taller than Stiller, she's was funnier too. "Let's not rush it," she babbled. "We should have some banter where you act cocky and I shut you down and you say I look pretty and I say, 'No chance, funnyboy!' and everybody laughs at you but you seem okay with it." Stiller: "You don't want to be the presenter who tries too hard..." Stone: "What, like the guy who would dress up in full Avatar makeup or something? Or a green motion-capture unitard? Or Joaquin Phoenix? I'm surprised you're not in a Planet Of The Apes outfit!"