2012 Awards Season
Mon, 27 Feb 2012 14:15:59 GMT | By Jonathan Crocker, contributor, MSN Movies
8 things we learned at The Oscars 2012

1. Sacha Baron Cohen will do anything

1. Sacha Baron Cohen will do anything (© Wire Image)
  • Meryl Streep and Jean Dujardin
  • 1. Sacha Baron Cohen will do anything (© Wire Image)
  • 2. Chris Rock is funnier than Billy Crystal (© Wire Image)
  • 3. Anyone can win an Oscar (© Wire Image)
  • 4. Marriage does last in Hollywood (© Wire Image)
  • 5. Angelina Jolie’s right leg is a star (© Wire Image)
  • 6. Hollywood is hungry (© Wire Image)
  • 7. Everyone can play the Martin Scorsese drinking game! (© Wire Image)
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He arrived on the red carpet dressed as his new character The Dictator, holding what he explained were the ashes of his "dear friend and doubles tennis partner" Kim Jong Il. "It was his dream to come to the Oscars," said Cohen, before 'accidentally' tipping the ashes all over interviewer Ryan Seacrest's tuxedo. As a security dragged him away, Cohen called out to Seacrest: "When people ask what you're wearing, you can say, 'Kim Jong-Il!'", which pretty much guarantees he'll never be asked to present In Memoriam.