2012 Awards Season
Mon, 27 Feb 2012 14:15:59 GMT | By Jonathan Crocker, contributor, MSN Movies
8 things we learned at The Oscars 2012

6. Hollywood is hungry

6. Hollywood is hungry (© Wire Image)
  • Meryl Streep and Jean Dujardin
  • 1. Sacha Baron Cohen will do anything (© Wire Image)
  • 2. Chris Rock is funnier than Billy Crystal (© Wire Image)
  • 3. Anyone can win an Oscar (© Wire Image)
  • 4. Marriage does last in Hollywood (© Wire Image)
  • 5. Angelina Jolie’s right leg is a star (© Wire Image)
  • 6. Hollywood is hungry (© Wire Image)
  • 7. Everyone can play the Martin Scorsese drinking game! (© Wire Image)
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As a tribute to Golden Age Hollywood, it was kinda cute to have popcorn-girls hand out snacks during the ceremony. What was tougher to understand was why, in a room full of around 6,000 people, each woman was only carrying about 10 popcorn boxes. No wonder Hollywood stars stay so slim!