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25 years of Dirty Dancing: The most '80s films of the 1980s

'Dirty Dancing' (1987)

Dirty Dancing (1987) (© Everett Collection / Rex Feature)
  • Dirty Dancing (1987) (© Everett Collection / Rex Feature)
  • Ghostbusters (1984) (© SNAP / Rex Features)
  • Wall Street (1987) (© c.20thC.Fox/Everett / Rex Feature)
  • The Lost Boys (1987) (© c.Warner Br/Everett / Rex Feature)
  • Flashdance (1983) (© SNAP / Rex Features)
  • When Harry Met Sally (1989) (© Moviestore Collection / Rex Features)
  • Red Dawn (1984) (© c.MGM/Everett / Rex Features)
  • Footloose (1984) (© c.Paramount/Everett / Rex Feature)
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This week marks the 25th anniversary of one of the biggest films of the 1980s: 'Dirty Dancing', the film that made stars of both Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey, and went on to influence a host of films since then.

The movie itself marks the hallmarks of '80s cinema: the dancing, the flamboyant dress, the distinctive soundtrack, as well as the recurring themes of social identity and coming-of-age.

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of one of the archetypal films of its era, join us as we look back at 25 of the most '80s films of the 1980s.