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Child stars: Where are they now?

Macauley Culkin

Macauley Culkin (© REX FEATURES/Moviestore Collection)
  • Macauley Culkin (© REX FEATURES/Moviestore Collection)
  • Haley Joel Osment (© Getty Images/Movie)
  • Drew Barrymore (© REX FEATURES/Moviestore Collection)
  • Edward Furlong (© REX FEATURES/Everett Collection)
  • Miley Cyrus (© REX FEATURES/W.Disney/Everett)
  • Taylor Momsen (© REX FEATURES/Universal/Everett)
  • Jack Wild (© REX FEATURES/Everett Collection)
  • Corey Haim (© REX FEATURES/Warner Br/Everett)
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Macauley Culkin was a household name by the age of 10, after starring in 'Home Alone' and its sequel 'Home Alone 2'. Culkin's career seemed set as he went on to take the lead roles in 'Richie Rich', 'Uncle Buck' and 'My Girl'. However, Culkin's life after retiring from acting at the age of 14 hasn't exactly been quiet. The young actor was married in 1998, divorced by 2002, involved in Michael Jackson's molestation court trials, and arrested and charged for the possession of drugs.

Today, it's rumoured that Culkin has fallen into the trap of so many child stars and is battling a drug addiction since his split from actress Mila Kunis, who he dated for eight years. Recent photos of Culkin show a pale and gaunt version of the actor who was once hailed as 'one of the greatest child stars'. Culkin's rep recently stated that these claims of an addiction to heroin and assorted hallucinogenics as 'ridiculously fictitious.' The jury's out on this star for now...