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Bond's greatest villains

Raoul Silva: Skyfall (2012)

Raoul Silva: Skyfall (2012) (© Getty Images)
  • Bond villains (© Rex Features)
  • Raoul Silva: Skyfall (2012) (© Getty Images)
  • Dominic Greene & Mr White: Quantum of Solace (2008) (© Rex Features)
  • General Medrano: Quantum of Solace (2008) (© Rex Features)
  • Le Chiffre (Casino Royale: 2006 & 1967) (© Rex Features)
  • Gustav Graves & Miranda Frost (Die Another Day: 2002) (© Rex Features)
  • Renard & Elektra King (The World Is Not Enough: 1999) (© Rex Features)
  • Elliot Carver (Tomorrow Never Dies: 1997) (© Rex Features)
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Javier Bardem is the latest star to take on the role of James Bond's nemesis, as Raoul Silva in Skyfall. Although we haven't seen the movie yet, the preview pics of Bardem's frighteningly Max Zorin-esque peroxide-blond mane are already indicative of a man who is deeply unhinged. And as proven in No Country for Old Men, Bardem has form when it comes to portraying cold-blooded killers with ridiculous haircuts.