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Bond's greatest villains

Elliot Carver (Tomorrow Never Dies: 1997)

Elliot Carver (Tomorrow Never Dies: 1997) (© Rex Features)
  • Elliot Carver (Tomorrow Never Dies: 1997) (© Rex Features)
  • Alec Trevelyan (Goldeneye: 1995) (© Rex Features)
  • Franz Sanchez & Dario (License to Kill: 1989) (© Rex Features)
  • General Georgi Koskov, Brad Whitaker & Necros (The Living Daylights: 1987 (© Rex Features)
  • Max Zorin & May Day (A View to a Kill: 1985) (© Rex Features)
  • Kamal Khan, Octopussy & General Orlov (Octopussy: 1983) (© Rex Features)
  • Aristotle Kristatos (For Your Eyes Only: 1981) (© Rex Features)
  • Hugo Drax (Moonraker: 1979) (© Rex Features)
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Jonathan Pryce stars as a media mogul out to engineer world events and start World War III. His character was modelled in part on British press magnate Robert Maxwell, who died in 1991 after falling from his yacht, an event that prompted much speculation at the time. At the close of the fim M uses 'falling overboard on his yacht' as a cover story for Carver's demise when asking Moneypenny to draft a press release. However, comparisons have also naturally been drawn between Carver and Rupert Murdoch.