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Demi Moore is 50!

Demi Moore on Vanity Fair

Demi Moore on Vanity Fair (© Clive Dixon/Rex Features)
  • Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze in Ghost (© Moviestore Collection/Rex Features)
  • Demi Moore at Planet Hollywood (© Rex Features)
  • Demi Moore on Vanity Fair (© Clive Dixon/Rex Features)
  • Demi Moore at the Academy Awards (© Rex Features)
  • Demi Moore with a shaved head (© Dave Lewis/Rex Features)
  • Demi Moore, Bruce Willis and daughters (© Associated Press)
  • Demi Moore in 1999 (© Startraks Photo/Rex Features)
  • Demi Moore and Cameron Diaz in Charlie's Angels 2 (© c.Columbia/Everett/Rex Features)
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Demi sparked controversy in 1991 when she posed nude on the cover of Vanity Fair while seven months pregnant. Such was the reaction to the cover that over 20 years later, the pose is still occasionally copied or parodied.