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Birthday Special: Shirley Temple

Later movies and retirement

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The first Temple film to show a slump in ticket sales was Just Around the Corner (1938). In what was possibly a fatal move, Twentieth Century-Fox head Darryl F. Zanuck declined a substantial offer from MGM to star Temple as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz and cast her instead in Susannah of the Mounties, her last money-maker for the company. The film was a comparative flop and dropped Temple from number one box-office favourite in 1938 to number five in 1939.

After two more Twentieth Century-Fox flops, Temple's parents bought out the rest of her contract. At the studio, Temple's bungalow was renovated and the building reassigned as an office complex. Within a year, Temple had signed to MGM, but plans were quickly dropped to team her with Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney in Babes on Broadway (1941) as it was realised the waning star might be easily outshone by her all-singing, all-dancing co-stars. She continued making films through the 1940s but never recaptured the success of her '30s heyday and, on 16 December 1950, she announced her official retirement from movies.