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Bruce Willis by the numbers

The Fifth Element

The Fifth Element (© Sony Pictures Entertainment)
  • Four Rooms (© Miramax Films)
  • The Fifth Element (© Sony Pictures Entertainment)
  • The Sixth Sense (© Spyglass Entertainment)
  • Lucky Number Slevin (© The Weinstein Company)
  • The Whole Nine Yards (© Warner Bros.)
  • The Whole Ten Yards (© Warner Bros.)
  • Twelve Monkeys (© Universal Pictures)
  • Ocean’s Twelve (© Warner Bros.)
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Also commonly known as Die Hard in Space, The Fifth Element has become one of Bruce Willis' most popular films, helped in part by an alien opera singer's shattering performance and Milla Jovovich as a divinely created perfect being wrapped in nothing but bandages. Sure it's an over-the-top, action frenzied alien space opera written by a teenage boy, but The Fifth Element is also one rollickingly fun taxi cab ride that has aged considerably well. Note to Bruce: "A Sixth Element" is neither necessary nor required. Besides, you already have number six covered...