Thu, 22 Mar 2012 13:41:29 GMT | By Anna Smith, contributor, MSN Movies
Can The Hunger Games be as big as Twilight?


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Here's the thing: while the first Twilight was a good film, the rest have been a mixed bag in terms of quality - yes they deliver a cracking story to a receptive audience but there's some shaky writing, editing and performances in there. The Hunger Games is well shot, styled, scripted, paced and universally well performed.

Winner: The Hunger Games

So - it's neck and neck in the Twilight/Hunger Games race, with the new franchise showing every sign of equalling, if not overtaking, its predecessor. But while we reckon The Hunger Games is a better movie, it's not all about quality: it's about whether audiences fall in love with the world. And as for that - time will tell. May the games commence!