Thu, 18 Jul 2013 10:30:00 GMT | By Marshall Julius
Comic-Con 2013: What we want to see

Everything we want from this year's Comic-Con

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Self-proclaimed nerds of every shape, size, sex, species, age and cosplay inclination are currently setting their faces to stun in anticipation of the many splendid wonders and revelations expected from San Diego’s 44th Annual Comic-Con International.

Running from Thursday, July 18 through to Sunday, July 21, the annual event allows fans of the fantastic to both wallow in the nostalgia of favourites’ past, and also to rock with giddy anticipation at the television, film and comic book treats set to rock our world in the months ahead.

Thanks to the modern marvel of interweb technology, every factlet squeezed from the previews displayed, every soundbite leaping from the lips of an all-powerful showrunner, every new poster design unveiled and every video clip run for the hungry hordes in attendance will spread quickly in the viral style to the four corners of our planet. So we can all enjoy the fun.

Our hearts, hopes and dreams are hanging on the treasures we’re planning to excavate from the coming Comic-Con extravaganza.

Please click on, to see a selection of the goodies we can’t wait to wrap our eyes and ears around.