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King Kong (1976)

King Kong 1976 (© Rex Features)
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  • Dead Calm 1989 (© Rex Features)
  • Super 8 2011 (© Rex Features)
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  • King Kong 1976 (© Rex Features)
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Most people forget about the 1976 King Kong, especially in the wake of Peter Jackson’s 2005 version. The big budget remake of the classic 1933 monster movie stars Jeff Bridges as Jack Prescott, a palaeontologist who stashes himself onboard a ship to accompany it to a mysterious island where executive Fred Wilson (Charles Grodin) hopes to find much oil. Accompanying them is the beautiful Dwan (Jessica Lange) who becomes a sacrifice to Kong, the giant ape worshipped by the primitive islanders. Dwan must be rescued multiple times from Kong, although it is Kong who rescues her from the island’s many dangers.