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Girl power! The most admired female singers


Madonna (© Rex Features)
  • The level of fan worship for women skyrockets beyond anything even superstars or boy bands experience (© Rex/Reuters/AP/Getty)
  • Lady Gaga (© Reuters)
  • Madonna (© Rex Features)
  • Beyoncé (© Reuters)
  • Björk (© WireImage/Getty Images)
  • Amy Winehouse (© Reuters)
  • Adele (© AFP/Getty Images)
  • Pink (© Rex Features)
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It’s hard to mention Gaga without mentioning Madonna, to whom Gaga owes an obvious sonic and spiritual debt. That Madonna has been able to captivate the popular imagination for three-plus decades is nothing short of magic, even if her film aspirations have consistently fallen short. Anyone who doubts her ability to connect should go play 1998’s ethereal and gorgeous Ray of Light right now.