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Girl power! The most admired female singers


Adele (© AFP/Getty Images)
  • The level of fan worship for women skyrockets beyond anything even superstars or boy bands experience (© Rex/Reuters/AP/Getty)
  • Lady Gaga (© Reuters)
  • Madonna (© Rex Features)
  • Beyoncé (© Reuters)
  • Björk (© WireImage/Getty Images)
  • Amy Winehouse (© Reuters)
  • Adele (© AFP/Getty Images)
  • Pink (© Rex Features)
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The British singer’s successes aren’t just impressive, they’re milestones: Wikipedia has multiple Guinness World Record mentions attached to Adele’s name. Plus there’s all those Grammys and Brit Awards and the Oscar and the Golden Globe. Obviously, Adele has connected rather viscerally. Can she do it again in future? Smart money says… maybe.