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God complex: Religious controversies of the stars

Lady Gaga

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If Madonna done it 20 years ago, you can bet Lady Gaga will follow suit, like she did with the use of religious imagery in both her songs, "Judas" and "Alejandro." Hoping to shock and push the same boundaries as Her Madgesty, in the "Judas" music video, Gaga sings about her love for the apostle who betrayed Jesus (also a mean biker played by Norman Reedus!), while she herself plays a caricatured version of Mary Magdalene. Meanwhile, the video to "Alejandro" featured another costumed Gaga, this time dressed in a latex nun outfit as she swallowed rosary beads. It reeked of "been there done that" creative block and even spurred the wrath of pastor's daughter, Katy Perry, who tweeted:  "Using blasphemy as entertainment is as cheap as a comedian telling fart jokes."