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Gravity is a hit with critics: Sandra Bullock's best movie moments

The Blind Side (2009)

The Blind Side (2009) (© Rex Features)
  • The Blind Side (2009) (© Rex Features)
  • The Heat (2013) (© Rex Features)
  • Gravity (2013) (© Rex Features)
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2009 was indeed a busy year for Sandy. Not only did she dominate box offices with The Proposal, but she also disappointed audiences with All About Steve and delighted critics with The Blind Side! It was with this third film that Bullock finally got her first Academy Award for Best Actress by playing a wealthy southerner who takes a black kid off the streets and turns him into a football star. But perfectly demonstrating the highs and lows of a Hollywood career in a strangely condensed time span, Bullock earned a number of Razzies for All About Steve just two days after the Oscars, making her the only performer ever to have been named both "Best" and "Worst" in the same year!