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Hanks for the memories: Tom's onscreen accomplishments

He jumped into a volcano

He jumped into a volcano (© Rex Features)
  • Captain Phillips (© Rex Features)
  • He discovered mermaids (© Rex Features)
  • He aged overnight (© Rex Features)
  • He jumped into a volcano (© Rex Features)
  • He ran across America (© Rex Features)
  • He went to space (© Rex Features)
  • He saved Private Ryan (© Rex Features)
  • He popularized AOL (© Rex Features)
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Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks are well known for their remarkable chemistry and many collaborations. But long before Sleepless in Seattle or You’ve Got Mail, there was Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan and a volcano, also known as Joe Versus the Volcano. Needless to say the early ‘90s weren’t one of the high points of Hanks’ career, but despite Joe Versus the Volcano’s then-shaky reception, it has since gone on to become something of a guilty pleasure. This was only helped by the film’s climactic moment when Hanks and Ryan literally jump into the heart of a bubbling volcano to appease the island gods of Waponi Woo. The volcano soon erupts and the gods reject Hanks and Ryan’s sacrifices, spewing them out into the ocean where they watch the island sink. And you thought the grandma in Dante’s Peak demonstrated hardy endurance against Mother Nature.