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Hanks for the memories: Tom's onscreen accomplishments

He ran across America

He ran across America (© Rex Features)
  • Captain Phillips (© Rex Features)
  • He discovered mermaids (© Rex Features)
  • He aged overnight (© Rex Features)
  • He jumped into a volcano (© Rex Features)
  • He ran across America (© Rex Features)
  • He went to space (© Rex Features)
  • He saved Private Ryan (© Rex Features)
  • He popularized AOL (© Rex Features)
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Run Forrest, run! And so he did. Straight across America on a three year coast-to-coast marathon. But before we heap even more praise upon Tom Hanks, it’s worth noting that his brother Jim was a stand-in during several scenes in Forrest Gump, most notably the superhuman jog across the continent. Jim was also the one responsible for creating Forrest’s famous jerky run after developing a similar skip in the 1993 Buford’s Beach Bunnies, which means that when we’re talking about Hanks’ onscreen accomplishments as Gump, we actually mean feats of the family Hanks.