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Hanks for the memories: Tom's onscreen accomplishments

He went to space

He went to space (© Rex Features)
  • Captain Phillips (© Rex Features)
  • He discovered mermaids (© Rex Features)
  • He aged overnight (© Rex Features)
  • He jumped into a volcano (© Rex Features)
  • He ran across America (© Rex Features)
  • He went to space (© Rex Features)
  • He saved Private Ryan (© Rex Features)
  • He popularized AOL (© Rex Features)
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In Hanks’ second project with Ron Howard, the now two-time Academy Award winner was sent where few actors had gone before: space. It was unfortunate that he managed to mess up the mission more than was humanly possible, but as Commander Jim Lovell in Apollo 13, Hanks was eventually able to bring his craft back to earth and save Kevin Bacon’s bacon. But truly, on a more realistic note, the filming of Apollo 13 was in itself an incredibly impressive undertaking. It was the very first film to utilize the “Vomit Comet” airplane, which when flown in parabolas (like loop de loop arcs) allowed for burst of 25 seconds of weightless filming. Hanks and his co-stars endured 612 parabolas, adding up to more than three hours of anti-gravity footage.