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JJ Abrams' career in pictures

JJ Abrams' movie career - Star Trek (2009)

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Role: Director / producer

Box office: $385million

How good? Abrams took it to Warp factor 10 with his take on Star Trek, which breathed new life into the sci-fi staple.

Originally attached only as a producer, J.J Abrams’ inner fanboy helped to secure him the coveted gig as director of the 11th film from the beloved sci-fi behemoth. It was a tough task for the self-confessed Star Wars fan who only had a passing knowledge of the Prime Directive. But he achieved what many thought was impossible with a film that breathed new life into a franchise that had started to collapse under the weight of its own history. The end result – if you look beyond the lens flares – was a picture that attracted a new generation of fans whilst staying true to the Trekkers who’d been there from the start. It also helped to establish Abrams amongst the directorial A-list.