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Justin Bieber’s most controversial quotes

Pop star frequently in the headlines over his comments

Justin Bieber (© Action Press/Rex Features)
  • Justin Bieber (© Action Press/Rex Features)
  • Justin Bieber (© REX Features)
  • Justin Bieber (© PHIL McCARTEN/Newscom/RTR)
  • Justin Bieber with Usher (© LUCY NICHOLSON/Newscom/RTR)
  • Justin Bieber on the cover of Rolling Stone in 2011 (© Getty images)
  • Justin Bieber (© Fernandez/Splash News/Corbis)
  • Justin Bieber with Stephen Harper before the 2013 Grey Cup (© Instagram/JustinBieber)
  • Justin Bieber (© Getty Images)
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Justin Bieber has only been in the spotlight for three years but the Canadian teen has already dished out a lifetime’s worth of controversial quotes, one of the most recent of which put him in hot water over holocaust victim Anne Frank. Click through the gallery as we revisit some of JB’s most head-turning comments.