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Michael Fassbender's most fascinating facts

He’s an adrenaline junkie

He’s an adrenaline junkie (© Mark Thompson, Getty Images)
  • His German isn’t that convincing (© Rex Features)
  • He can grow a beard (© Dave J. Hogan, Getty Images)
  • He’s an adrenaline junkie (© Mark Thompson, Getty Images)
  • He’s Magneto (© Rex Features)
  • He’s three degrees away from Kevin Bacon (© Rex Features)
  • He looks good in wire rim glasses (© Rex Features)
  • He dedicated his full-frontal nudity scene to his mom (© Rex Features)
  • He can be programmed to do what we want (© Rex Features)
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Fassbender is a great lover of skydiving, go-karting and motorcycles. He once rode his bike from London to the Venice Film Festival with his dad and, during a break from shooting and promoting six back-to-back movies, relaxed with a skydive over the Hawaiian island of Oahu. Whenever else he has a day off, he loves to race go-karts and is a big follower of Formula One.