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Michael Fassbender's most fascinating facts

His German isn’t that convincing

His German isn’t that convincing (© Rex Features)
  • His German isn’t that convincing (© Rex Features)
  • He can grow a beard (© Dave J. Hogan, Getty Images)
  • He’s an adrenaline junkie (© Mark Thompson, Getty Images)
  • He’s Magneto (© Rex Features)
  • He’s three degrees away from Kevin Bacon (© Rex Features)
  • He looks good in wire rim glasses (© Rex Features)
  • He dedicated his full-frontal nudity scene to his mom (© Rex Features)
  • He can be programmed to do what we want (© Rex Features)
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So you remember us telling you that Fassbender is fluent in German? Well, he finally got to put his second language skills to good use when playing the role of Lt. Archie Hicox in Inglorious Basterds. Kinda. Masquerading as a German soldier, it was up to Fassbender to convince the Nazis about his German-ness in a particularly famous bar scene, however, his cover quickly unravelled when he held up his fingers in the form of a British three.