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Michael Fassbender's most fascinating facts

He can grow a beard

He can grow a beard (© Dave J. Hogan, Getty Images)
  • His German isn’t that convincing (© Rex Features)
  • He can grow a beard (© Dave J. Hogan, Getty Images)
  • He’s an adrenaline junkie (© Mark Thompson, Getty Images)
  • He’s Magneto (© Rex Features)
  • He’s three degrees away from Kevin Bacon (© Rex Features)
  • He looks good in wire rim glasses (© Rex Features)
  • He dedicated his full-frontal nudity scene to his mom (© Rex Features)
  • He can be programmed to do what we want (© Rex Features)
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…but he’s also willing to go faux. For his starring role in the period piece Jane Eyre, Fassbender initially grew a thick beard, but given the film’s ending (in which Rochester’s face is burned), he had to shave it off and adopt fake muttonchops throughout. One other little known Jane Eyre filming fact? His co-star Mia Wasikowska revealed that every time Fassy hopped on his horse, Prince, it got excited.