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Movie richlist: Is Tony Stark the richest person in the movies?

Movie richlist - Richie Rich – Richie Rich (1994)

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The aptly named air of the Rich family fortune, Richie is the world’s wealthiest kid with a reported net worth of more than $70billion and one dollars as well as access to a private plane (Billion Dollar One), an on site amusement park and a mountain-sized family vault (Mount Richmore).

Played by Macauley Culkin with his trademark hair-ruffle-ready-cuteness, the movie would have you believe that true happiness is measured by the number of friends you have not the number of zeros on your bank balance. It’s wrong of course. But then the reality wouldn’t make a very family friendly film would it?

Guesstimated wealth: $70billion - Rich by name, outrageously wealthy by nature.