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Terminally typecast actors

The eccentric weirdo

Johnny Depp (© YURIKO NAKAO, RTR)
  • Reese Witherspoon' (© MARIO ANZUONI, RTR)
  • Johnny Depp (© YURIKO NAKAO, RTR)
  • Michelle Rodriguez (© FRED PROUSER, RTR)
  • Katherine Heigl (© ANDREW BURTON, RTR)
  • Seth Rogen (© LUCAS JACKSON, RTR)
  • Michael Cera (© JIM URQUHART, RTR)
  • Hugh Grant (© MARIO ANZUONI, RTR)
  • Morgan Freeman (© GUS RUELAS, RTR)
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Tim Burton's best production to date, Johnny Depp, is the go-to guy if you're looking to fill the role of a kooky weirdo. His resume reads like a who's who of eccentric outcasts: from a scissor-handed recluse, to a perpetually drunk pirate, to an anti-social candy maker. He's happy to sing and dance the Futterwacken, and if a character requires eyeliner, tight pants, top hats, a fabricated accent or an addiction of some kind (drugs, alcohol or blood), you can most certainly count on Depp. Buy now and you can get Helena Bonham Carter for half price!