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Katy Perry is Billboard's Woman of the Year

The early years

Katy Perry, no makeup (© Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)
  • Katy Perry at the Hollywood premiere of Part of Me 3D (© MARIO ANZUONI/Reuters)
  • Katy Perry, no makeup (© Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)
  • Katy Perry, Part of Me 3D, Christian music (© Paramount/Everett/Rex Features)
  • Katy Perry, I Kissed a Girl single (© Capitol Music Group)
  • Katy Perry poses with spoon after posing with a switchblade (© Twitpic)
  • Katy Perry versus Lily Allen (© Chris Polk/KCA2010; Eric Ryan/Getty Images)
  • Rihanna, Katy Perry (© Kevin Mazur/WireImage)
  • Katy Perry, Hello Katy Tour, 2009 (© PHIL NOBLE /Reuters)
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Born in Santa Barbara, California, Katy Perry was brought forth to the world as Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson. As the daughter of evangelist pastors, her parents, Keith and Mary Hudson, dished a strict religious upbringing and only let her listen to gospel music. But as some kids dabble in drugs, Katy Perry dabbled in rock music, and would often sneak contraband CDs into the house: 'The first time I bought a record it was by Incubus. I brought it home in my knapsack and I had things on top of it so my parents didn't strip-search me,' she told The Sun newspaper.