Wed, 18 Jul 2012 07:50:18 GMT | By James Hurley, Jonathan Dekel and Chloe Goody
Madonna to be sued over Nazi stunt

Justify My Love video (1990)

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Featuring grainy black and white footage made to look like experimental European films of the 1960s, the video for this Lenny Kravitz-penned tune shocked and confused in equal doses. Set in an elegant hotel (apparently in the midst of hosting an alternative lifestyle and interpretive dance convention), it depicts a tired looking Madonna wandering the halls before hosting a rather unorthodox orgy with several scantily clad androgynous participants.

Both MTV and MuchMusic banned the video due to sexual content, with the latter creating the chat show Too Much 4 Much as a result. As always, Madonna would get the last laugh as a VHS 'video single' (there was a world before YouTube, kids) released later that year would become a bestseller.