Wed, 18 Jul 2012 07:50:18 GMT | By James Hurley, Jonathan Dekel and Chloe Goody
Madonna to be sued over Nazi stunt

Washes Guy Ritchie's car (2000-ish)

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It's easy to forget now but Madonna getting together with Guy Ritchie was pretty sensational at the time.

Not only was he 10 years younger than her (still is, come to think of it), but he tried, and for a time succeeded, in turning the Material Girl into a sort of Stepford wife.

She was even snapped washing his car on Sunday mornings.

As a friend recently told The Mirror: 'He, Madonna and Lourdes would be there with soapy buckets all together as a team task - doing something which wouldn't even register on Madonna's radar normally because her staff would attend to it.'

She's since written about the experience on MDNA album track, I Don't Give A.