Mon, 10 Sep 2012 16:35:36 GMT
On-Spot: Toronto Film Festival 2012

'Spring Breakers' premiere

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Selena caused a stir when she said at the same press conference that her younger fans 'shouldn't see the movie'. She said: 'The biggest challenge for me is that I do have a younger generation of fans that support me and that mean a lot to me. Plus, I think it's hard for people to take me seriously in that way because of the brand that I've been given, which I'm grateful for, but you know ... people obviously [put] you in this little box.'

Responding to a question about whether her young fans should see the movie, Selena said: 'Don't see it.' She added: 'I wrote a message on my social networking sites to them, saying kids my age - my generation - I think that they should see it because it's very real, we're not really sugar-coating anything. (But) I put underneath, it's rated R, so please don't see it if you're under 18!'