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Emmys 2012: TV shows for TV snobs

'The Newsroom'

The Newsroom (© HBO/Everett/Rex Features)
  • 2012 Emmys nominations
  • Breaking Bad (© AMC/Everett/Rex Features)
  • Homeland (© c.Showtime/Everett/Rex Features)
  • Mad Men (© Everett Collection/Rex Features)
  • The Newsroom (© HBO/Everett/Rex Features)
  • The Good Wife (© CBS/Everett/Rex Features)
  • Game of Thrones (© HBO/Everett/Rex Features)
  • Louie (© FXNetwork/Everett/Rex Features)
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Aaron Sorkin's newest drama has critics divided, but accuracy issues aside, no one can argue it's not snobby TV at its best. 'The Newsroom' attacks lofty issues like reporting truth in the face of corporate gag orders, getting it right instead of getting it first, and balancing real news with the audience's taste for tragedy porn. It is as much about restoring civility to news media, however, as it is about an honorable team of imperfect players trying to succeed amid disastrous romantic and interpersonal conflicts. Though not an Emmys contender this year, 'The Newsroom' could be a big player in 2013.