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Birthday Special: Ridley Scott

Alien (1982)

Alien (1982) (© Rex Features/SNAP)
  • Ridley Scott (© Rex Features)
  • The Duellists (1977) (© Rex Features/Everett Collection)
  • Alien (1982) (© Rex Features/SNAP)
  • Blade Runner (1982) (© Rex Features/Moviestore Collection)
  • Legend (1986) (© Rex Features/SNAP)
  • Someone To Watch Over Me (1987) (© Rex Features/Moviestore Collection)
  • Black Rain (1989) (© Rex Features/Paramount/Everett)
  • Thelma & Louise (1991) (© Rex Features/Moviestore Collection)
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Ridley Scott really hit his directing stride with his second film in this sci-fi shocker. A Space mining vessel, the Nostromo picks up an SOS call from a nearby planet and the crew investigate. However, while the rescuers probe what appears to be an alien hive, the Nostromo's onboard computer works out the SOS is in fact a warning. This film ensured Scott had a created a classic, which is still talked about 30 years later.