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Music scandals of 2012

Leonard Cohen takes the stand in harassment trial

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After a long and unpleasant trial dredged up his financial and personal woes, Leonard Cohen was victorious in a legal action against ex-manager. Kelley Lynch, with whom the 77-year-old had a brief “intimate relationship,” had already been convicted of relieving her client of $5 million, effectively leaving him penniless. After he fired her, she sent him thousands of increasingly threatening emails – some 50-pages in length – in violation of a restraining order. Cohen took her to court and she was convicted on harassment charges last April and sentenced to 18 months behind bars by a Los Angeles judge.

At the trial’s end, Cohen thanked Lynch “for insisting on a jury trial, thus... allowing the court to observe her profoundly unwholesome, obscene and relentless strategies to escape the consequences of her wrongdoing.

“It is my prayer that Ms. Lynch will take refuge in the wisdom of her religion,” he continued, “that a spirit of understanding will convert her heart from hatred to remorse, from anger to kindness, from the deadly intoxication of revenge to the lowly practices of self-reform.”