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Top 5 Telugu films of 2012


Avunu (© Filmysouth)
  • Top 5 Telugu films of 2012 (© Filmysouth)
  • Eega (© Filmysouth)
  • Ee Rojullo (© Filmysouth)
  • Love Failure (© Filmysouth)
  • Avunu (© Filmysouth)
  • Midhunam (© Filmysouth)
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Known for his offbeat films such as 'Anasuya' and 'Nuvvila', 'Avunu' by Ravi Babu, is a taut horror-thriller that succeeds in implanting fear in the psyche of the audience without exploiting the characters in the film. Revolving around the lead character Mohini, played by Poorna, the story is about the realisation of an unknown presence in Mohini's apartment that indulges in voyeuristic pleasure. Shot under a budget of Rs.50 lakh, this film tasted success at the box office, and it is likely to be remade in Hindi soon. With no songs to entertain, it was very important for the film to keep the audience engaged and thanks to Ravi Babu, it succeeded.