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Spirited women: Vengeful female ghosts

Mama (2013)

Mama 2013 (© Universal Pictures)
  • Let’s look at ten furious female phantoms (© Universal Pictures)
  • Mama 2013 (© Universal Pictures)
  • The Woman in Black 2012 (© CBS Films)
  • Shutter 2008 (© 20th Century Fox)
  • Nightmare Castle 1965 (© Allied Artists Pictures)
  • Lady in White 1988 (© MGM)
  • The Ring 2002 (© DreamWorks)
  • The Grudge 2004 (© Columbia Pictures)
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Jessica Chastain (Zero Dark Thirty) stars in her first horror film as Annabel, a punk rock bassist who unexpectedly becomes a surrogate mom to her boyfriend’s two young nieces when the girls are found after five years of having lived feral in the woods in the wake of their father’s death. How they survived remains a mystery until Annabel starts taking seriously the older girl’s stories about “Mama,” a protector figure their psychiatrist thinks the girls made up. But Mama is very real, and, without giving too much away, has taken care of the girls in an attempt to right a wrong that was done to her during life years earlier.