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Spirited women: Vengeful female ghosts

Shutter (2008)

Shutter 2008 (© 20th Century Fox)
  • Let’s look at ten furious female phantoms (© Universal Pictures)
  • Mama 2013 (© Universal Pictures)
  • The Woman in Black 2012 (© CBS Films)
  • Shutter 2008 (© 20th Century Fox)
  • Nightmare Castle 1965 (© Allied Artists Pictures)
  • Lady in White 1988 (© MGM)
  • The Ring 2002 (© DreamWorks)
  • The Grudge 2004 (© Columbia Pictures)
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The success of the American remake of the Japanese horror film Ringu (1998) inspired Hollywood to look east for its thrills for several years. One of the more popular films to get “westernized” was the 2004 Thai thriller Shutter. The American remake stars Joshua Jackson (TV’s Fringe) as Ben, a New York photographer who leaves for Tokyo with his girlfriend Jane (Rachael Taylor). Jane runs over a girl but cannot find the body or any damage to her car, leading to many more strange incidents that indicate that Ben may have had more involvement in the girl’s death than he is leading on and that a score is still to be settled.