Updated: Mon, 18 Feb 2013 12:30:00 GMT | By Emma Roberts
Beautiful Creatures: Is Alice Englert the new Kristen Stewart?

Beautiful Creatures: The stars walk down the red carpet in LA

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Twilight fans looking for a new fantasy film franchise to sink their teeth into should check out the upcoming flick Beautiful Creatures. Based on the first novel from the Caster Chronicles series, the movie follows Alice Englert's character Lena Duchannes as she comes to terms with being a 'caster' (someone who can use magic).

Alice stunned on the red carpet at the LA premiere of the movie and we have a feeling that she might have what it takes to become the new Kristen Stewart, especially now the Twilight series has ended.

However, whereas Kristen often opted to look serious at her Twilight premieres (check out her pout in the above picture), Alice put on her biggest smile as she posed for photographs...

Flick through the gallery to see more snaps from the premiere...