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Our favourite father/son film combos

Dr. Indiana Jones & Professor Henry Jones - Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989)

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The third installment of the Indiana Jones franchise is beloved for many reasons, not least the phenomenal chemistry between the two acting heavyweights that make up one of the finest father son combos in film history. For his third outing everyone’s favourite adventuring archaeologist goes in search of the Holy Grail, but his journey is as much one of self discovery as anything else when he teams up with his estranged father to stop the Nazi’s and save the day. In some ways they’re an archetypal odd couple, a stark contrast of styles and personalities who spend much of the movie engaged in a game of whipsmart one-upmanship. But by the end of the flick the barbs are traded for blubs as the Jones boys undergo the type of family reunion that’s usually preserved for daytime chat shows of the Dr Phil variety.