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Our favourite father/son film combos

Man & Boy - The Road (2009)

Man & Boy - The Road 2009 (© Dimension Films)
  • A Good Day to Die Hard (© Rex Features)
  • Dr. Indiana Jones & Professor Henry Jones - Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 1989 (© Lucasfilm)
  • Christopher Gardner & Christopher Gardner Jr. - The Pursuit of Happyness 2006 (© Columbia Pictures)
  • Marty & George McFly - Back to the Future 1985 (© Universal Studios)
  • Nemo & Marlin - Finding Nemo 2003 (© Pixar; Disney)
  • Jim & Jim’s Dad - American Pie 1999 (© Universal Studios)
  • Man & Boy - The Road 2009 (© Dimension Films)
  • Bud and Carl Fox - Wall Street 1987 (© 20th Century Fox)
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This big screen adaptation is as unrelentingly bleak as the incredible Cormac McCarthy novel on which it’s based. It’s also another film that looks closely at the father son relationship, even if it does so through the prism of a post apocalyptic landscape populated almost entirely by killers and cannibalistic gangs. That this relationship is the only spark of hope in an otherwise inhospitable world is no accident, in fact it’s all that maintains either character as they walk the road to the coast in search of salvation and perhaps a shred of proof that humanity is not entirely dead.