Sat, 07 Dec 2013 15:15:00 GMT | By India Syndicate
Shahid: From boy-next-door to action hero

Shahid Kapoor will be seen next in 'R...Rajkumar'

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From being an extra, to being an in-demand model to becoming one of the biggest stars of Bollywood today, Shahid Kapoor has seen it all.

There was a time when he was looked down upon, for being an SRK clone. But today, SKR is a brand in his own right.

Nothing seems to have thrown this star from his orbit, be it an ill-fated romance, a pitched battle with gossip hawks or a troubled domestic front.

We take a look at the career of Shahid Kapoor, who has shed his boy-next-door image and turned action hero for his latest release 'R...Rajkumar'.