Fri, 03 Jan 2014 16:15:00 GMT | By Priya Bala, India Syndicate
Sholay: All you ever wanted to know

Management lessons

Sholay (© Getty Images)
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  • Sholay (© Getty Images)
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‘Sholay’ has been studied by film scholars from every conceivable angle. More recently, management experts have found inspiration in it, too. A seed funder and TiE Charter Member Gautam Sinha wrote: “As I begin my career as a seed funder I now look at ‘Sholay’s’ 3 principal characters (Thakur, Veeru and jai) as the perfect investor/mentor and founding team combination. The ability to spot entrepreneurial talent is the first step in an investment at a seed stage. In the movie Thakur was able to recognize the bravery, tenacity and straightforwardness of the duo by one shared experience. Jai and Veeru are the ideal founding team as they complement each other with one being the strategist/ thinker who observes and the other being the more articulate/extrovert who builds relationships.”