Updated: Fri, 22 Nov 2013 08:30:00 GMT | By India Syndicate
Star Wars: Kareena Kapoor vs. Priyanka Chopra

Romance quotient

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Murky, clear, murkier, clearer, murkiest, clearest - there is a pattern to the romance of the big Bollywood heroines. They travel some distance before they get to their perfect mate; apparently, in Bollywood it is hard to get it right on the first place or second or third...

Even more baffling to lesser mortals is how Bollywood heroines become sterling examples of human virtues - showing to us that they can rise above envy, one of the cardinal hurdles in one's road to salvation. How else can A & B at varying points have a fling with X, who will then decide to fall for C, while A will choose C's former partner and B will go for A's first, and then all of them do the cycle all over again baffling us about the fragilities of human relationships!

Anyways, Kareena looks contented as a Persian Cat with Saif for now. Priyanka, now that she is into singing and cutting albums (God help us all), has been reported to be seeing Jay Sean. Must be a figment of the reporters' imagination... or not!