Updated: Tue, 17 Jul 2012 12:39:41 GMT | By Murali Gopy, India Syndicate
Super 9: A sarcy take on Superheroes

Get ready to be introduced to some of the mightiest guys of the Day!

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Earthlings, the quaint beings of this lonely Blue Planet, have always looked up for superheroes to protect them from fears within and beyond. Out of bizarre apprehensions, they started to create and "consume" imaginary characters, who could fight, think and even suffer for them. History, Mythology and Folklore are replete with people, who have supernatural powers and a will to engage them in righteous pursuits.

As 'The Dark Knight Rises' hits theaters this weekend, we take a sarcy look at the major superheroes (of our times), who graduated from comic books to celluloid and vice versa.

Source: India Syndicate