Updated: Tue, 06 Aug 2013 22:00:00 GMT | By Marshall Julius
The best action movie stars to hit the big screen

Bruce Willis and the other kings of action on the big screen

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For a while it seemed as though Old School Action was a thing of the past. That bloodied macho men with epic pecs and glib one-liners dripping from their cigar-chomping lips were gone the way of the dinosaur. But to paraphrase Monty Python, they’re weren’t dead, but merely resting. Some of them, possibly, in a rest home.

Today they’re back with a vengeance, the old guys who defined Eighties action, most of them in their sixties, some even in their seventies, but all still kicking bottom and taking names.

As RED 2 pays bullet-riddled, explosive tribute to the classic movie art of shooting first and not bothering with questions, here we give a grateful nod of thanks to ten movie titans who aggressively defined a genre.

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