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The best action movie stars to hit the big screen

Chuck Norris

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“There are a dozen death spots, another dozen paralysing death spots, and many, many disabling spots on the body. We human beings are quite fragile, you know.”

Born in Oklahoma in 1940, Carlos Ray Norris was stationed with the air force in Osan, Korea, when he discovered and dedicated himself to martial arts. Training five hours a day, six days a week, he returned to the States with a black belt in Karate and a brown belt in Judo. While passing on his skills as a top chop socky instructor, Norris reigned as World Middleweight Karate champ from 1968 to 1974, retiring undefeated.

Encouraged by former student Steve McQueen to work on his movie career, Chuck transformed into the steely action hero we know, love and laugh at/with. See him in Missing in Action (1984), Invasion USA (1985), The Delta Force (1986) and 196 episodes of Walker, Texas Ranger (1993-2001).