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The hidden hotties behind cartoon characters

Emma Stone as Eep Crood

Emma Stone, Eep Crood (© Reuters; Rex)
  • Beyoncé, The Wubb Girlz (© Getty Images; Nickelodeon)
  • Susan Sarandon, Miss Spider (© Rex Features)
  • Emma Stone, Eep Crood (© Reuters; Rex)
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Appearing as more parkour than pinup, Eep Crood (of The Croods) isn't your average heroine, or love interest for that matter. She can swing her caveboy sweetheart over her shoulders, scale mountains with her fingertips and tear apart raw meat with her teeth. While we love a gal that can eat, Eep's Neanderthal traits and sloped forehead don't quite put her in the same league as the gravelly voice behind her growl, Emma Stone. On voicing the part, Stone told The Independent, "She is so feisty, and she forges her own path. Also, though it's not my natural colour, I am a great supporter of redheads as you may know. I would probably be red right now myself if it weren't for having to go off and film Spider-Man again."